My journey continues at EMI

Boy, what a terrific day today was.  Here in Emmittsburg, the weather finally changed to a mild and sunny day and we covered a lot of material in class.  Everyone really worked hard today.  So let’s continue our tour of the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) campus.

The Learning Resource Center

Inside the LRC

So one of the greatest resources on the EMI campus is the Learning Resource Center (LRC; a.k.a. the library) which is located in the “N” Building.  Back in the day, when this was St. Joseph College, “N” building was known as Burlando Hall (circa 1870).

The LRC provides current information and resources on fire, emergency management and other All-Hazards subjects. With its collection of more than 180,000 books, reports, periodicals, and audiovisual materials, the LRC facilitates and supports student and faculty research and supplements classroom lectures and course materials. Users of the LRC web site may access the LRC’s Online Public Access Catalog to perform their own literature searches.  The LRC’s catalog is also a unique guide to periodical literature with citations on fire, emergency response, natural disaster, and homeland security topics going back to the early 1970s.  The LRC staff indexes nearly 5,000 newly published articles each year, from scores of professional journals, magazines and newsletters across the country and internationally.

The LRC has been connecting first responder leaders to first responder knowledge since 1978:

  • Comprehensive all-hazards collections – 195,000 titles in all formats
  • Online catalog available to students, first responders, public 24/7
  • Over 24,000 downloadable documents
  • Numerous subject bibliographies & pathfinders
  • Most extensive collection of fire service literature in the United States

The National Fallen Firefighter Memorial

The National Fallen Firefighter Memorial was dedicated to the memory of all career and volunteer firefighters who have died in the line of duty and is a tribute to the current and future firefighters who carry on the noble tradition of unselfish service to their community.

The memorial was dedicated on October 13, 1990 and is designated as The National Fallen Firefighters Memorial by Public Law 101-347 August 1990.

The National Fallen Firefighters Memorial









The Chapel

On campus is the beautiful Chapel that now houses the National Firefighters Foundation.

Exterior view of the Chapel

Chapel interior

Click here to take a virtual tour

During the early 1800s, Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton, the only canonized American-born saint, established the Daughters of Charity in Emmitsburg. In 1809, she opened a boarding school for girls on this site. The school later became St. Joseph’s College, one of America’s first Catholic women’s colleges. The Daughters of Charity closed the College in 1973, and sold the buildings and more than 100 acres to the federal Government in 1979.

Mother Seton selected the site for the Chapel before her death in 1821. Construction of the Romanesque Revival-style chapel began in 1839.  The exterior is brick set on a stone foundation. Tuscan pilasters with granite capitals and bases, semi-circular stained glass windows, brick dentils, and a wood niche grace the outside of the building. A low, turned rail separates the nave from the sanctuary with its marble altar and massive pedimented niche. The bell that hangs in the steeple came from Spain in 1841.

During the Civil War, the Daughters of Charity went to the nearby Gettysburg battlefield and set up headquarters in the McClellan Hotel.  From this base, they went out to several sites to nurse the wounded. Both Union and Confederate troops were on the Emmitsburg campus prior to the end of June 1863. After the Battle of Gettysburg, Confederate soldiers passing by the campus in escape were fed.

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation formally dedicated the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel to the memory of Chief A. Marvin Gibbons of Maryland in 1998. This tribute reflects the many contributions Chief Gibbons made to the establishment of the annual Memorial Service and the National Fallen Firefighters Monument.

The National fallen Firefighters Memorial service will take place this year on Sunday October 16, 2011.

Well, I’m going to close now.  More tomorrow, including a report from Karaoke Night at the Pub.

TIP:  Visit the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services “Ready In 3” website ( ) to learn more about getting yourself and family prepared.


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