Last day at EMI

Well, today was the last day of class here at FEMA EMI in Emmittsburg, MD.  It’s been a fantastic week.  We’ve had a terrific group of students from all over the United States.  They came to class on Day One ready to learn and eager to share information and experiences.  At the end of the week we saw that many new friendships were created.  These in turn will fuel the power of networking.  Students will now have a supportive network of contacts that they can reach out to in the future for help, guidance and support.
As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had the pleasure of working with three great instructors this week.  Their classroom management, instructional delivery, and subject matter knowledge was superb.  I learned a great deal from them and expect to be a better instructor because of them.
Today, I instructed Unit 9 – Program Evaluation
Like any other program you or I may manage, a CERT program needs to be evaluated periodically to determine how well it is able to accomplish its program goals.  During the program evaluation, the Program Manager has to methodically collect pertinent information about the program or some aspect of the program in order to make the necessary, and sometimes major, decisions about its continued implementation.
Students learned that “evaluation” is the process by which the Program Manager is able to identify appropriate changes and continuous improvements that will keep the CERT program fully functional.  In order to understand the process we discussed the following four key topics:
  • The importance of evaluating a CERT program
  • What to evaluate in a CERT program and how
  • Interpreting and analyzing evaluation data
  • Creating a Program Report

Don’t forget the Fredrick County Fire and Rescue Museum

The Frederick County Fire & Rescue Museum

One place I didn’t get to share with you is the new Fredrick County Fire and Rescue Museum    The museum officially opened back in April 2011.  Visitors to the museum can learn about the history of the Frederick County Fire & Rescue Service and see artifacts, pictures, and apparatus that tell the story of the individual companies and the many members of the county fire and rescue service.

The museum is located about a half-mile up the street from EMI.  I would have liked to have seen the museum, but unfortunately, it’s only open from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM on Saturdays (or by appointment).  I guess the pictures from the website will have to do.  Check it out.

Going home tomorrow

Well, we leave early tomorrow morning.  I’ll post one more blog tomorrow evening to close out the trip.  Then, I’ll return to my regular postings on the 1st and 15th of each month.  I hope you’ll check back tomorrow.


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