Lucy, I’m Home

Seven days later and I’m heading for home.  What a great feeling!  Anymore, I’m generally ready to head home at about Day Two, so by Day Seven I’m anxious.

It has really been a terrific trip.  I’ve always wanted to be a FEMA Instructor and now I can cross that off my “Bucket List”.  Over the years, and particularly more recently, I’ve seen the various sides that make up the FEMA organization.  The Training side of the organization continues to impress me with the depth and quality of material, the instructional team and their delivery of the material, the facilities, and the planning and coordination that makes it all happen.  What an amazing organization.  What an amazing opportunity I’m been offered.  I am very grateful.

This week I’ve made new friends and learned more about how citizens across the nation prepare for emergencies and disasters.  While there are some differences due to things like location and culture, there’s a lot more commonality.  That commonality adds to our capability, our effectiveness, and our overall efficiency.  I wish the best for all of the students we taught this week, as well as for my fellow instructors.  As we now return to the real world, we have a responsibility to use our training and look for opportunities to help make our communities safer and stronger.  It won’t be easy and we’ll face roadblocks along the way, but we must be persistent.  And the nice thing is knowing we’re in it together.  We can reach back to each other for help, ideas, and encouragement.

Heading home

Whenever possible, I always try to fly Southwest.  Their on time record is solid, their flight schedules generally fit mine, and they really treat their passangers well.  Unfortunately, I think they are losing their “low-cost” advantage, but their fares are still reasonable, and add to the fact they don’t charge you for first and second bags.  Ok, I didn’t mean for this to be a commercial for Southwest, but I really like the company.  Hmmm, I wonder if they need someone with business continuity/emergency management expertise?

Flight 440 to St. Lou is on the board!

Thanks again for following me this week.  If there’s something you’d like me to write about concerning business continuity, emergency management, or leadership, please drop me a comment or note.  I’m always looking for ideas.

And let me leave you with a few more pics from the trip:

Inside the Dining Hall at EMI

The chow line

Small group activity in class - GREAT people!

The 9/11 Memorial

As always, be safe and take care.  Come back on October 15th for something new.


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