Hello From Reno, Nevada!

I’m in Reno, Nevada this week teaching a couple of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes and will be posting each day I’m here in an effort to share my experiences with you.  I hope you’ll follow along daily AND, if you feel so inclined, offer a comment or two about what I’m sharing with you.

The two classes we are teaching are “CERT Train-the-Trainer” and “Program Manager”.  I say “we” because I have the pleasure this week of working with a co-instructor that I’ve worked with before.  His full-time career is in the law enforcement field.  He’s a terrific instructor who has the ability to quickly develop a very likeable rapport with the class, and he knows his material too.

Our classes are supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI).  If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll remember I wrote a series of blogs back in October 2011 dealing with a similar opportunity I had in Emmittsburg, Maryland which is where the EMI is located.  I’m very excited about the classes we are teaching this week because the majority of our students are tribal representatives from many different Native American tribes.  Additionally, we’ll have non-native students in both classes representing local, state, and federal emergency management.  It looks to be quite a large class with a lot of diversity, which should generate a lot of interesting discussion and networking.

The flight here

I’ve commented on this before, but whenever I fly, I try to fly Southwest because they consistently do a great job.  My travels today reaffirmed this.  On my flight from St. Louis to Denver, I checked my bags only to go through security and have a Gerber multi-purpose tool found in one of my carryones.  Along with being expensive, the tool has sentimental value, so I didn’t want to lose it.  Long-story-short, the Baggage Office in St. Louis had my bags brought back to me so I could put the Gerber tool in my checked bags and not lose it.  Kudos to the St. Louis baggage team at Southwest.  Wow, they were really helpful and accommodating.

What’s on tap this week

We’ll be starting class early tomorrow morning and will be teaching CERT Train-the-Trainer over the next three days (Monday through Wednesday).  Then, starting Thursday and concluding late Friday, we’ll be teaching the Program Manager class.  In each of my daily blogs, I’ll discuss class highlights.  I also hope to include some insight on the various native cultures as shared with me throughout the week.  So, plan on coming back tomorrow.  Until then ….


One Response to Hello From Reno, Nevada!

  1. Randy Gabel says:

    Tim, Good luck with your class. Hope the weather there is warmer than here. Look forward to hearing about your adventure.

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