Ready Indian Country

Today we started the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Project Manager class.  All of the students that were with us earlier this week in the CERT Train-the-Trainer stayed with us.  Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but one student wasn’t originally going to stay, but said he enjoyed our first class so much that he wanted to stick around and complete the Program Manager class.  Many of the students that we’ve been working with this week are very interested in developing new CERT Programs, so the next two days should help them quite a bit.

We were fortunate to have Valerie Sumner join us today.  Valerie works for the State of Nevada Citizen Corps office.  She was with us to observe our Program Manager class and look for opportunities as to how the state Citizen Corps can better support the needs of the tribal community as they develop and promote CERT and citizen preparedness.

Earlier in the day, we were able to distribute a couple of handouts that were recently developed under the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s “Ready” program.  Under the “ReadyIndian Country” program, the two documents “Is Your Tribe Ready?” and “Prepare For Emergencies In Tribal Nations” were new documents recently produced and made available.  Both documents can be obtained from the website or by calling 1-800-BE-READY.

More tomorrow … Stay tuned.


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