Wrapping up our week – I’m almost home.

Welcome back. If you’ve been with me all week, I say thank you. I’ve got to say that this has been one of the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding classes I’ve ever taught. I truly am thankful for the opportunity that I was blessed with. And while I’m anxious to get home to my family, I’m a bit sad to say good bye to my new friends. But all is good. I leave with great memories.

Today, we finished off our last day of the CERT Program Manager class. Before we actually started working in the material, we had a couple of surprises. First, Ms. Betsy Hableton joined us. Betsy is the Program Director for the Washoe County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). Becky took time to explain the MRC initiative in Washoe County . The Washoe County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) trains both medical and non-medical volunteers to help support local, state and federal disaster response efforts during emergencies and natural disasters. Our volunteers provide added volunteer staffing and crucial medical resources during disasters. She encouraged our CERT Program Managers to consider and participate in the MRC’s whenever possible. She left materials behind including some “trash and trinkets”.

Later in the morning we were privileged to have the Chairman of the Te-Mok Tribe of Western Shoshone Elko Band Council  join us. The Elko Band served as our hosting organization for this week’s training. Chairman Gerald Temoke told our students how pleased he was to see so many attendees from various tribes participating in the training. He went on to say that preparedness is important to the tribe and that he’ll be working with the Tribe’s District leaders to take an active interest in the continued offering of CERT classes.

Once we were ready to begin class, one of our students offered to sing a tribal song to help begin class. Take a look at part of this very beautiful song …

At the conclusion of class, after we took care of all the administrative things we had in close down, another one of our students offered to say a closing prayer to send us on our way and asking that each of us be protected as we travel home. What a great week! Tomorrow, I write a final post to close out this terrific week. I hope you’ll check back.


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